Open Tabs At Empty Bars

Jacob Rice

“Open Tabs At Empty Bars” is a very refreshing body of work by Jacob Rice.

Jacob Rice is an up-and-coming musician that deserves your attention. Since 2022, he has been dropping high-quality music nonstop. What you have to appreciate about Jacob is how authentic he is. Not only will you love how pure his songs sound, but he also comes across as someone unafraid to experiment with different sounds. Recently, Jacob Rice dropped a new five-track EP called Open Tabs At Empty Bars. In my humble opinion, it is a delightful effort.

Though Open Tabs At Empty Bars is labeled as country music, it’s way more than that. Throughout the project, you get moments when it feels like Jacob Rice is talking directly to you. To be more specific, songs like “Float To” and “5 O’clock Shadow” endorses simple living and authentic country music vibes, while songs like “Mean It” and “Hurt People” are thoughtful, vulnerable, and touching. Whether you are a country music fan or not, Open Tabs At Empty Bars is a short but sweet project that will strike a chord with you.

Give Open Tabs At Empty Bars by Jacob Rice a shot below.