Stay your ass at home and listen to these albums.

BabyTron – 6

I’m very hip to BabyTron’s music; I just haven’t covered his music much on this site. What I’ve noticed about him is that he raps with a very cold demeanor and likes dishing out outrageous punchlines. In 6, Tron plows through songs gifting us with clever sports references, Family Guy samples, and tons of wacky lyrics.

The beats on this album might give you a seizure. A bunch randomly speed up and have elements that will make your weed brownie high symptoms escalate. It’s really unbelievable how well Tron rides each beat (How effortlessly, too).

I’m not exactly sure how seriously this album should be taken. What I will say is this: If I were to guess, it will attract the types of people I am not, such as scammers, jits, and people that love looking up NBA stats.

Favorite Songs: “100 Bars,” “Spidey-Senses,” and “Crash Your Whip Music.”




Dave & Central Cee – Split Decision

Dave and Central Cee’s “Splinter” single from this project ended up breaking records in the UK… Yea, that’s how popular these two artists are right now.

Though Split Decision is short as hell (Which is why I didn’t do a full review of it), it still moves the needle for me. Throughout the EP, you get great back-and-forths between the two rappers, and their chemistry is on point. The EP also boasts very smooth drill beats. Overall, I’m not sure I’ve seen two rappers sound on the same page like this. Like, Cee’s and Dave’s thoughts, flows, beliefs, and punchlines all sound very similar.

Does every UK rapper sound cool as hell?

Favorite Songs: “Splinter,” “Our 25th Birthday” and “UK Rap.”




0sb0rne – Know me

I can almost guarantee that 0sb0rne’s music will resonate with you. In it, he usually keeps it 100 about the things we all deal with in life, like love, heartbreak, and everything in between. 0sb0rne’s latest release is a nine-track EP called Know me. In it, he wears his heart on his sleeve.

Know me mainly features production with somber trap vibes. What 0sb0rne does over each beat he is handed is hit us with very intoxicating/emotional vocal performances and deep lyrical content that speaks on the ups and downs that come with being an up-and-coming artist that is trying to navigate their way through good, bad, and ugly relationships. The project has a very consistent sound and is one that I think is very easy to listen to straight through.

Favorite Songs: “know me pt. 2,” “backseat,” “it’s getting colder,” and “rain after summer.”




Kenny Mason – 6

Kenny Mason has decided to hit us with a new EP called 6. Ironically, BabyTron also released a project earlier this week called 6. Just to let you know, Kenny Mason and BabyTron are two completely different artists that probably don’t know one another.

I’m very impressed by Kenny Mason. He kind of reminds me of a mix between Baby Keem and JID. In 6, I absolutely love the zone he is in. Not only does he hit us with great flows throughout, but his lyrics just feel original, pure, and effortlessly motivational. Oh, and the beats that he raps over, which give me old-school down-south vibes, are excellent!




Rob49 – 4GOD II

Rob49 is definitely one of the nominees for Rookie of the Year. Though he caught the attention of hip-hop fans in 2022 with his “Vulture Island V2” single with Lil Baby, I believe this is the year he will really be put on the map. With the release of 4GOD II, that s**t could happen as soon as next week.

Rob49 never turns down in 4GOD II. Throughout the album, he hits us with very fierce verses that pair perfectly with all of the explosive beats that he does his work over. I would like to say that the performances he puts up are Mystikal-like, but I don’t want to compare anybody to him for obvious reasons.

You get some solid guest appearances in 4GOD II. In the album, Rob49 goes toe to toe with Roddy Ricch, Icewear Vezzo, Birdman, Trippie Redd, DaBaby, and more. What I like is how you get a good mix between bosses, street rappers, and whatever you want to call Trippie Redd.