A pop gem made for cranking up the volume and bopping along.

Los Angeles-based alt-pop singer and songwriter, Emei, actually began on Television. She started pursuing her musical dreams as a teenager, taking a year off from school in 2015 to compete in Chinese Idol. In the show, she finished in third place. The artist later gained further notoriety on American platforms with her song “Late to the Party”; since then, the hit has reached more than six million streams on Spotify. Emei says, “writing music allows me to have creative control and say what I want to say and be myself.” Some of her singles include “Regrets,” “Scatterbrain,” and “Better People to Leave on Read.” Her musical prowess is evident on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Emei’s latest drop is the pop single “Cynical.” The song also has an accompanying official video.

Prepare for an abrupt commencement, precisely what propels us to launch into action without hesitation. Its sudden and theatrical beginning serves as a dynamic catalyst, urging us to embrace the rhythm and start moving – to dance! “Cynical” delivers a rich dose of captivating drama that harmonizes seamlessly with the track’s impactful and pulsating foundation. The title resonates with the sentiment of internalizing negativity. Lines such as “Why do I have to be so cynical? Can’t get me off my feet, that’s typical” and “Overthinking, overdoing, over it all, I’m unhappy, ever after, and destined for disaster” delve into the realm of self-sabotage. Emei ensures the song remains invigorating, infusing it with haunting vocals and an invigorating rock edge, culminating in a bold pop gem that exudes grit, grunge, and undeniable allure. Embark on the journey of “Cynical” by hitting play below.