Sport Mode

Big Cousin

Big Cousin drops hefty bars in this short but sweet EP.

Big Cousin is back and better than ever! The London-based artist, originally from Long Island, has been living up to the hype for years, delivering groundbreaking projects like the Blue Money EP that push boundaries and showcase some of the most exciting hip-hop fusions in the world. Big Cousin has returned to the music scene with an exhilarating new project titled Sport Mode. Joining forces with the highly talented DJ and producer Ibn Itaka, the duo create a compelling blend of touching, multifaceted, dramatic, and soulful hip-hop beats that allow Big Cousin to showcase his most candid, honest, and raw self. Their chemistry is evident, and it jumps out at you from every page of this exciting musical collaboration.

“Sport Mode” kicks off with “Anywhere,” a track where Big Cousin candidly shares his unique come-up, navigating through the presence of deceitful individuals and emphasizing his unwavering work ethic. The song is accompanied by a hard-hitting, numbing beat that will undoubtedly stir your emotions. Following that, we are treated to “Any Given Sunday” featuring NanaBcool, a cold hip-hop banger in which the two artists passionately discuss living life at a fast pace and striving to fulfill their potential. In my opinion, this track easily stands out as the hardest-hitting gem on the project.

“Big Dreams” kicks off the second half of the project in style, fueled by an elegant, piano-driven instrumental that exudes smoothness. Big Cousin’s confident delivery shines as he speaks about his ambitious goals and aspirations for nothing but luxury. On the equally smooth “Gangsta,” the borderline sluggish instrumental creates a mesmerizing vibe. Big Cousin’s crafty flow glides effortlessly, delivering some of his most competitive and gritty bars.

The EP’s grand finale comes with “Sport Mode,” a track driven by a soulful beat. Big Cousin’s sly flows and candid lyrics vividly depict his unflappable mindset and unwavering motivational spirit. This song offers a true glimpse into the essence of our hero, allowing listeners to get to know him on a deeper level.

If you want to hear a project with outstanding production and high-quality raps, give Sport Mode a spin through your preferred streaming platform.