Rod Wave

Revenge never felt so gentle.

This Friday, Rod Wave will drop a brand new album called Nostalgia. I think it has come at the perfect time: The leaves are falling, the weather is getting colder, and women are starting to get cuffed up (I am assuming the album will feature nothing but sappy-ass records). To get us hyped up for the forthcoming project, Rod decided to release “Checkmate.”

In “Checkmate,” Rod Wave speaks on the emotional turmoil he deals with in his life, which has led to everything from substance abuse to feelings of vengeance. He also calls out a chick he f**ked with that has caused tons of anger in him. The song is powered by this gentle, 700-Club-ass trap beat. Over it, we get a good mix of soothing vocals and hard-hitting raps out of Rod. But, on the real, what I like most about this song is the intoxicating hook and raw feel.

Give “Checkmate” a shot below.