Rating: 4 out of 5.

Denzel Curry is dropping the hardest music of his career right now.

Denzel Curry is kicking ass and taking names right now, and I’m loving it! His past couple of singles, such as “SKED,” “BLOOD ON MY NIKEZ,” and “ICE COLD ZEL FREESTYLE,” have boasted explosive beats, explosive rap styles, and kick-ass lyrics. Thankfully, Denzel seems to still be in a terror-filled mood. This past Friday, he returned to the music scene with another hard-ass single called “WOO.”

Believe it or not, Denzel Curry is not the star of the show in “WOO.” The track has a hook by featured guest Chief Pound that is both catchy and gangsta as hell. Denzel Curry does bless us with a verse where he asserts his dominance, delivering clever punchlines, feverish flows, and a tone that should not be taken lightly. As for the other featured guest, PlayThatBoiZay, he delivers a verse that is filled with intense and wild energy. All in all, whenever you are down to shake some dreads and get into some trouble, play this banger.

Give “WOO” a shot below.