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Vato Perro Drops The Dramatic “/b/ Is My Hood Homie Homie Bang That S**t”

Ain’t no fake ones in Vato’s hood…

Vato is what I would like to call an ‘EDM GOD.” Not only has he been able to thrive in the genre, but he’s also been able to push boundaries with his new style of the genre called EDM drill. In his latest single, “/b/ Is My Hood Homie Homie Bang That S**t,” the talented musician sets his sights on even greater pastures, delivering a passionate gem that features heavy-hitting drumming, riveting vibes and a bit of a dark tone.

You know what I love about this song? It feels like it embodies where Perro comes from. It’s almost like it oozes the pain, passion, energy and honor-ability of his city — an aspect that pretty much keeps you engulfed in every minute of the song.

Check out “/b/ Is My Hood Homie Homie Bang That S**t” at the top of the page, especially if you think you’re an MC that can kill any instrumental.



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