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Tory Lanez Releases “Watch For Your Soul”

Tory Lanez will speak to your soul on this one.

You know what makes Tory Lanez talented as f**k? He has so many different styles of music he can go to. Occasionally, you might get a gassed up version of the rapper that is intent on killing n***as lyrically, or a version of the rapper that is extremely melodic. Sometimes, you get a version of the rapper that is both, and in “Watch Your Soul,” we get that version.

“Watch For Your Soul” is powered by this emotional instrumental that would make Jaheim proud. Over this instrumental, Tory Lanez gets passionate, dropping bars about serious street s**t like riding around in stolen plates, mourning lost friends, and ducking cops. As usual, you’ll love how Tory does everything in his power to make you feel his words on this song. He also finds a way to sound authentically street, which I believe will make n***as in the bando feel comfortable singing this s**t in the shower.

Tory sounds very similar to Roddy Riich on this joint…




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