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Kanye West Drops “Wash Us In The Blood” With Travis Scott

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Kanye West & Travis Scott


Old Kanye and new Kanye join forces for “Wash Us In The Blood.”

The rest of 2020 might be Kanye West’s. Not only will he be working with GAP on a new collection, but he will also be releasing a new album titled God’s Country in a few months. Today, the first single off of God’s Country has hit the net, and as expected, it is pretty powerful.

If you don’t get hyped-up listening to “Wash Us In The Blood,” I don’t know what to tell you. The song features a beat that straddles the line between chaotic and intoxicating, a holy/hood-galvanizing/infectious performance by Kanye West, and contributions by Travis Scott that makes me believe that he is the ultimate hype man. All in all, “Wash Us In The Blood” is one of the better first singles I’ve heard in a while.

If Kanye West is the person that delivers us from the evil that we are in today, I’m prepared to press charges on 2020.

2 thoughts on “Kanye West Drops “Wash Us In The Blood” With Travis Scott

  1. The track would be a 3/5 for me. Nice and solid, but it definitely could’ve been better.

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