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RGM Presents: Top 5’s (Burna Boy Songs)

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I do not know a single soul on this earth who doesn’t like at least one of Burna Boy’s songs. If you do know a person that doesn’t, it’s time that they receive a crash course on the infectious musical ways of this man!


Although Burna Boy is only featured on “Be Honest,” I included the song on this list because he tends to always make magic with Jorja Smith.

Burna Boy and Jorja Smith have a few songs together, and in every one of them, the way that their voices and their cadences blend make it seem like they understand each other really well.




Burna Boy demonstrates his talent for finding the perfect harmony between a beat and his lyrics on “Giddem.”

You will get lost in the lyrics that you hear in “Giddem.” You don’t have to worry about hearing anything crazy; just turn the song on, lean back, and have a great time!

Anyone who likes Dancehall music is surely going to enjoy “Giddem” from start to finish.




I wasn’t sure how Burna Boy and YG would sound on a song together, but like Midas, everything that Burna Boy touches turns into gold; “This Side” is no exception.

YG’s typically raw and brash style of rapping was altered in a way that fits the vibes of “This Side.” At the same time, it doesn’t feel like he wasn’t being himself on the song. As for Burna Boy, he absolutely killed his contributions to the song. In the future, I wouldn’t mind hearing more songs from the two musicians.




“Sekkle Down” is the kind of song that you should want to hear at a party.  As soon as it comes on, it has the power to elevate your mood.

Seriously, if a party wasn’t turnt before, there’s no doubt that it will be after “Sekkle Down” plays; especially because everybody knows what time it would be once it comes on… ‘Find your man or find your girl and start to buss it down’ time!




In the first spot is one of the most mesmerizing songs you’ll ever hear; “Ye!”

Without reading the lyrics, I wasn’t exactly sure what Burna Boy was saying on “Ye.” You don’t necessarily need to be able to understand exactly what he’s saying because the beat, the “ye’s” at the beginning, and the chorus carry you through the song.

“Ye” is definitely a track everyone can enjoy.

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