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An unrestricted electric-infused hip-hop adventure.

Olympia, Washington-based artist Jay Church is the creative mind behind knowfake. The 23-year-old rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer debuted this year with his four-track EP titled NOFAKESHITSZN. His new release features the wildly experimental track “NOREASON.” This uniquely stylized song blends hip-hop and electronic sound elements for an experience that’s unlike anything you’ve heard before.

“NOREASON” fuses unique sounds and vibrating vocals as knowfake raps about everything from rolling up to pop culture references. The song feels purposefully ridiculous at times, and overall, it never takes itself too seriously, having a fairly lighthearted sense. If you’re a fan of alternative hip-hop, electro, or you’re just looking for something completely avant-garde, dive into the unconventional “NOREASON” and get lost in its wild ride.





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