Not A Special Song

Four Life

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

A unique hip-hop single with attention-grabbing sounds.

Musical creative, Four Life, is a rising artist with a distinctive sound. With a growing presence on various music services, Four Life is one to watch as he continues to grow in his craft. His previous, well-received work includes singles like “Sorry If It Seems That I Care,” his most popular hit to date. The Spotify song can be located here. Additionally, he has created tracks like “Quintessential” “Cigarettes After Death,” “But I Say,” and “Misunderstanding (His most-streamed work to date).” Four Life’s “Not A Special Song” is his latest offering.

“Not A Special Song” immediately contradicts its title with a curious and commanding instrumental blend. It gives way to haunting hums and whispery vocals that will leave chills running down your spine. Things quickly heat up as Four Life gets going. In contrast to the light touch of the single’s background vocals, Four Life’s flows are delivered in a raspy tone that gives the track a satisfyingly gritty texture. With plenty of captivating elements, an intriguing reflection, and a wonderfully creative style, “Not A Special Song” is a unique experience. It understands the meaning of avant-garde hip-hop, so press play and enjoy the song.