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K.I.R.B. Crafts a Romantic Reflection with “Forever”

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K.I.R.B. (Ft. Paulie Leparik)

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

A smooth-flowing hip-hop single that will warm your heart with its infectious sound.

California native, K.I.R.B., is an American artist with a distinctive voice and an equally unique style. His innovative sound beautifully blends a diverse variety of genres for an ear-pleasing experience that’s truly out of this world. In his career, K.I.R.B. has worked with well-known artists and producers like Paulie Leparik, Danny Towers, and Nick Mira. He’s also done numerous collabs and shown an eagerness to explore new and exciting opportunities in the music world. K.I.R.B.’s latest drop is the hip-hop single “Forever,” which features the talented Paulie Leparik.

Accompanied by a mellow, mood-setting backdrop of instrumentals, the artist reflects on his love and longing for the special girl who touched his heart. Lyrics like “Me and you beside the moonlight, beside each other after sunrise” and “I’m craving your affection, just give me your attention” will warm your heart as K.I.R.B. delivers these simple yet wonderfully charming lines with unquestionable sincerity. With the season’s sweetest holiday approaching, “Forever” is the perfect love song to get you in an ultra-romantic mood.


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