Ricky Crisp Trinity's song cover


Ricky Crisp

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

A hypnotic melody in a pop-electronic song.

Ricky Crisp is an Australian singer with a pop and alternative electronic style. The Melbourne-based artist has been self-producing his music for more than a decade now. “After 12 years, I finally found a studio I was comfortable recording in,” Crisp claimed on his Instagram page. As a result, he’s been releasing amazing songs on Spotify. Lately, Crisp has been working on an album that will soon be released. “Trinity” is one of the singles off it. 

“Trinity” is a song about love, addiction, and sobriety. How far would you go for love? Crisp tells us that “for you, I’d stay sober until hell froze over, maybe.” The first section of the song has a dreamy, hypnotic quality, allowing his voice to stand out. Then, the melody becomes more expressive and the lyrics go deep into the story. In the beginning, Crisp asks “Glass of wine, is this wise?,” and then soon after, “Shiny eyes, is this wise?.” His words can hit any listener hard as it covers the power of addiction, whether to a drug or a person. So, listen in to Ricky Crisp’s “Trinity” and allow yourself to get lost within the music’s morals.