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Nana Kottens Collides Cultures In “Call Girl”

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Nana Kottens Tells Us He Don't Want No "Call Girl"

Call Girl

Nana Kottens & Lowekey

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️)

“Call Girl” features gentle and dreamy tones with varying vocals.

Nana Kottens is a Ghanaian singer, songwriter, record producer, CEO, and the founder of Sound Lion Records. Additionally, he founded the label Nana KottensTunes Publishing with his friend, Jon Ocran. Their goal is to promote African artists from all over the globe. This mission also translates to Nana’s music. In his songs, he blends American and Ghanaian influences to help form his sound; this allows his audience to connect with both cultures. Nana’s Spotify, YouTube, and Instagram are full of this exploratory music. Last year, he released “Call Girl” in collaboration with rapper Lowekey. Additionally, the song has an accompanying music video.

Since its release, “Call Girl” has become one of Nana’s most popular songs, and it’s clear to see why. While Kottens sings freely over a soft beat, he maintains a whispering tone to entice us to listen to the song more. After the first two verses, Lowekey jumps in and starts rapping, but never raises his voice. Their sounds seem like they should oppose one another, but they actually combine to make a beautiful track. Overall, “Call Girl” is a lovely lo-fi listen. Go ahead and stream it below so you can enjoy the unique experience it offers.





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