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Brandon Coleman

Brandon Coleman continues to demonstrate the same consistency that he’s shown in his previous albums.

In Brandon’s latest project, Champagne, each of the ten tracks tells their own story and is able to meld into the next in an inviting way. He knows how to draw the listener in. It’s almost impossible to pause the album before it’s done. If you enjoy it half as much as I did, by the time you reach the last song, you’ll be surprised that there are no more songs. 28 minutes have never blown by so quickly.

Throughout Champagne, Brandon Coleman uses each song to sing about the different stages of a romantic relationship. They cover the spectrum from being head over heels in love with your partner to promising you’ll be together forever to eventually suspecting the other person of cheating. He killed it with the composition songs. Not to mention his vocals are off the charts. Brandon Coleman’s sultry voice sounds like he would’ve thrived in the era when baby-making music was popular.

We certainly look forward to hearing more from this rising artist. If anything I mentioned up top interests you, definitely give Champagne a listen down below.




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