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Kendrick Lamar – Good Kid, M.A.A.D City (Album Review)

Lets start this review with a confession: When I first heard Kendrick Lamar, I wasn’t really feeling his style. I thought he sounded like yet another gimmicky rapper that tried to rap fast and s**t to mask his lack of content. But after listening to a couple of his […]

MMG – Self Made Vol. 2 (Album Review)

For the seven people that bought Self Made Vol. 1, you should know how this power team operates already. They have hard hitters (Rick Ross), Temper tantrumers (Meek Mill), and fake poets (Wale). However, this new album adds an interesting element to their dynamic: It has the pop […]

Eminem – Relapse (Album Review)

Historically, “Relapse” has been rated low from critics worldwide, as to many, it was too far left for even a die-hard Eminem fan to enjoy. But on the real, was it really that bad? Once you get past the stupid Scottish accent he tends to rap with from […]

Lupe Fiasco – The Cool (Album Review)

In 2008, Lupe Fiasco was coming off perhaps one of the best hip hop albums of the decade in ‘Food & Liquor.’ While ‘Food and Liquor’ was an album that covered a wide variety of subjects, ‘The Cool’ focused more on storytelling; an approach I think is perfect […]